January Newsletter Is On Its Way!

I’m so excited to start the year with my newsletter, Sue’s Notes! I think I’ve been promising a newsletter to people since the FIRST time I spoke at the Texas Unschoolers’ Conference! I’ve been holding on to all of these names from clipboard sign ups, and now, Hooray! Most of them will be getting a newsletter from me. I hope they like it – but frankly, right now I’m just basking in happiness that I got it out the door!! haha!

I ended up merging two ideas because they had a lot of overlap. I wanted to do a newsletter for people who were new homeschoolers/unschoolers, those in their first year. Or maybe they were homeschoolers who had used a lot of curriculum in the past and wanted to venture into the unschooling world. But I also wanted to share lots of information with parents of teenage homeschoolers – I have collected a lot of great info over the years! And, yet, many of those were also in their first year. 

But, alas, I am only one person. And I have many many fun projects and ideas for 2016! So, the one monthly newsletter will be for both groups. Hopefully everyone will understand. (There’s always the little “get me outta here” unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter.)  😉

And now., I’m off to ponder and produce the Weekly Q & A!
Everyone who signed up for Sue’s Notes will also get the little Q & A bonus… hopefully Monday! :::cross your fingers!:::

Very exciting!

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