Homeschooled Teens

If you’re worried about how you (and your teen!) are going to survive the teen years together – this book is for you! Over the years, I asked young people who didn’t go to school, the questions that I’ve heard people asking for years. (Decades, really!) We all want to know about the same things:

  • How did they learn what they needed to know?
  • Where were they from?
  • What were their family relationships like?
  • Did they have hobbies?
  • Did they get involved with sports?
  • Did they travel?
  • Did they hold down jobs?
  • What did they see were the advantages?
  • Did they learn to cope with peer pressure?
  • Did they make enough friends?
  • Did they date or “miss going to prom?”
  • What is their life like now?
  • Did they go to college?
  • Did they get jobs?
  • Are they happy?
  • What advice do they have for new homeschooling parents?

I’m so excited that I finally FINISHED my book, Homeschooled Teens. I started collecting information for it in 2011, and now, in 2015, it’s published. 75 young people shared what their lives were like as homeschooled teens.

2016 Speaking Engagements

I’ll be speaking about what I’ve learned from the homeschooled teens and young adults who participated in Homeschooled Teens. If you’re attending any of these conferences, please stop by and say “Hi!” 

Here are some links that might be helpful:

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My Homeschooled Teens Website
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And a few reviews: 
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Something Just For You!

Would you like to see a little before you buy the book? Or maybe while you wait for it to be delivered? 😉
Click the button below to get a copy of the chapter about the Advantages that the teens and young adults experienced because they were home educated.
And, just because I’m so excited for you to see it ALL, I’ve tossed in the preface and introduction too! 🙂

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2 Responses to Homeschooled Teens

  1. Melissa says:

    Any advice in regards to educating a 15 year old with a chronic illness ? My son has been on independent studies for 3 yrs. And now behind in credits ????

    • Sue Patterson says:

      Hey Melissa,
      First, I’d separate the learning from the credits. Credits aren’t as important as we’re all led to believe! It’s not surprising that a person with a chronic illness might fall behind his agemates in classroom progress. But if he’s homeschooling – and better yet, unschooling – he can still learn at his own pace.
      What state are you in?

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