6 Shocking Facts About Homeschooling Your Teen

6-shocking-FactsI know. Some of these seem like total blasphemy.  That’s because we’ve been sold a bill of goods that simply isn’t true. But these are the facts. And now that you  know the truth, how much easier can you and your teenager’s life be? Awesome, right?

  • Diplomas are overrated.
    Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need a diploma. In the odd chance that you may need one so an admissions clerk can check a box – you can create one with a Word File. Same goes for transcripts.
    This might interest you: Unschooling and Transcripts.
  • The World is Your Oyster.
    Your flexible schedule will allow you to experience some awesome internships and/or travel opportunities. Check out this collection of camps, conferences and adventures for teens: Unschooled Teen Opportunities.
  • Real Life “Counts.”
    Instead of trying to force your teen into a particular acceptable mold (usually for college,) do the reverse. Let the mold be created by your teen. Stay with me on this. Life is full of so many chances to learn everything you need to know for adulthood. But if you’re too distracted meeting criteria or completing lessons – you miss all of it! And it’s ten times more intriguing out in the real world. And, if you need a little incentive, colleges love applicants that have explored their interests and simply have more life experience.
    Maybe this might help convince you: Top Down vs. Bottom Up 

  • Avoid SO MANY Negative Aspects!
    Homeschooled teens have numerous advantages because of homeschooling. They’ve preserved their natural love of learning. They’ve avoided unnecessary stress. They’ve had the freedom to make choices.They have better socialization and better influences in general.
    Read more about all of this in Learning from the Teens.
  • Finally You Can Catch Some ZZzzz’s.
    Home educated teens aren’t sleep deprived! Study after study shows how the teen’s need for sleep is being completely overlooked with a typical high school schedule. And we all know how any of us act when we’re over-tired: cranky, more stressed, inhibited creativity, poor memory. How could they possibly be learning much at all?
    Read more about Teens and Sleep.

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One Response to 6 Shocking Facts About Homeschooling Your Teen

  1. Peggy says:

    I’m thinking of home schooling. My son has an undiagnosed chronic illness . He does receive notes from his doctor to be excused during absences . And there are many absences. However, attitudes from other kids and teachers as well make for stress . He needs more sleep then he’s getting especially with his illness-which is frequent sore throat and nausea with vomiting. Nutritional meals sent for school lunches are nearly impossible- he doesn’t like being poked fun at about having salads and other obvious healthy components to his lunch-so, I reluctantly pack him a sandwich and chips. I am also a single mom. I feel that all of his illnesses related absences, not enough sleep, meals etc. always having to run to the doctor to get that note, attitudes I also get from staff and teachers the whole thing seem so stressful I wonder why even bother with this? Do I have to? How could I get him involved with other homeschoolers how would that work? Thank you for your feedback and suggestions

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