Book Club Starts This Week!

Do you wish you could break down the barriers between you and your teenager? Maybe those speed bumps are starting to show up in your pre-teen or even younger!

My best guess is that you’re trying to control something that isn’t even within your power to do!  Kids resist control – even when we think we’re being super subtle. They can see right through it!

And OF COURSE you try to control the situation! You have a lot of life experience that shows you how things could go terribly wrong if they “continue down that path!”

Don’t even get me started on how social media feeds that. Parents are applauded for heavy-handed discipline, their “likes” skyrocket. Everyone is SURE what they’re doing is necessary.

But I’d bet money that those kids who were shamed on their mom’s facebook page are busy figuring out a way to get around her. They’re not “seeing the light,” and changing their ways! Their parent/child relationship wasn’t strengthened by that little public cry for approval from other parents living in fear. Instead, that kid probably cannot STAND their mom.  That’s heartbreaking to me.

The bottom line is that “control” is not going to work. Choosing an approach “for their own good,” isn’t going to work either. And even if you do get fragments of success, the price you pay is going to be too high.

And here’s the secret – you don’t have to live that way at all! This book helped me when my parenting techniques were not working. It completely turned things around. It can for you too.

Join us in the private group I host for parents of teens. We’re opening it to parents with kids of all ages while we discuss the book, Parent/Teen Breakthrough: A Relationship Approach.  This way, we can all get better at creating the relationships we want to have with our kids.

When you sign up, you also get all the benefits of being in the private group:

  • Weekly group coaching by phone
  • Weekly live stream video in the group
  • Coaching from me in the group
  • Support from others in this private community
  • All for only $20/month!

Sign me up!          

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