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Here we go again…

August is particularly difficult for some families – especially if they’re new to homeschooling/unschooling. Everywhere they look they’re reminded that they’re out of step, bucking the system, going against the status quo. Most of the time, this fact goes by relatively unnoticed. But not at this time of year. It seems that as soon as the 4th of July (in the U.S.) displays come down, the Back to School banners emerge.

For some families, it’s a reason to celebrate – especially if their school experience was a bad one. They’re happy to see that school bus roll on by because they know it means shorter lines at their favorite hangouts, price drops for airfare and hotels, and simply less commotion in their lives.  For families that have been at this longer, it’s even less of a concern. All the school focus simply has less relevance… they’ve moved into a place where schools simply don’t factor into their world. (I know, new folks are eager to get to that phase!)

Some families are still struggling with all of this. Their kids’ friends are acting like they’re going back to some big “kid reunion” – completely forgetting how they felt about the experience just last May. All the superficial chit-chat at the check out lines or wherever they seem to go are all about,

“Are you excited to go back?”


“What grade will you be in?”

Some kids are particularly sensitive to this and find it upsetting. Some parents get triggered as well – suddenly having doubts and second thoughts about the decision to keep their children home.

My subscribers received this as an email,  offering a little support in that arena.  I’m sharing my inspiring collection to help you counter all the Back-to-School marketing that is attacking everyone daily!  You’ll find:

  • A collection of blogposts helping people through this time of year
  • A collection of graphics inspiring you to press on
  • A discounted rate for a quick coaching call (August) if you need a little 1:1 help

Feel free to share the articles and the graphics. Pin them, re-gram them, Facebook “like” them – whatever it takes to help you offset the deluge of stories and photos of kids heading off to their first day of school.
(Did you know that some have already started this week?? YIKES!)

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Do They HAVE TO go back to school?Don’t Do It!

This blogpost sent people into a tailspin. When I first published it, I think it must have been shared on some teachers’ group, because they hit my blog like a thunderstorm! All I was suggesting was thatif someone is hesitating or wondering if they could do something different this year, consider not sending the kids back. I offered answers to the most common obstacles and shared a few personal reminders.

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“Back to School” is A-OK!
Take a look at my Top Ten Advantages to this time of year! Sometimes it’s better to set your fear aside so you can see all the perks you’re going to experience at this time of year!

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Coping with the Frenzy
The Back-to-School frenzy is almost a rite of passage. But we all know it fades – for some sooner than others! If you’re struggling though, here are some things you can do to help yourself.
Last year, we shared our own
NOT-Back-to-School” photos over on the Unschooling Mom2mom group. (Lots of photos of kids sleeping in! lol) Maybe we should do that again this year too!

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That Time of Year Again!

What can you actually do to counter this madness to ship the kids off? LOTS! Here are some suggestions to do with your family AND some activities that you can do for yourself if you’re feeling a little wistful about those old school days of yours.

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Dear Suburban Mom,
Back in May, it may have been clear that school wasn’t working. But now you’re down to the wire and have to figure out if you can really do such a unconventional thing!

Do “Regular People” homeschool their kids?
Does it have to look like school-at-home?
What about legalities?
Am I qualified?
What about socialization?
How will they learn?
Can there be too much togetherness?

Click here to find out the answers!


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