New Year’s Eve VIDEOS!

Do you have a family tradition for New Year’s Eve?

Want to squeeze in an easy fun idea?

Unschooling is all about learning and connections! This tradition helps with both!
It’s easy to be swept up in holiday chaos – or even let those “well-meaning” relatives get under your skin about some arbitrary skill your child hasn’t mastered yet.
But let’s look at the progress they’ve made this past year. Let’s celebrate all the things that make your child unique! Don’t rely on your memory – take advantage of living in this digital age!
Pull out your phone and get ready to


You can create a Family video or individual videos for each kid!
Personally, I’d go for both because the kids love to watch themselves!  And in the upcoming years, I can tell you these videos will hold some really precious memories!
I’m attaching a few scripts and tables to help you jog your memory.
It’s really so easy – you’ll wonder why we weren’t all doing this long ago!

Download the PDF

Have fun!

Happy New Year!!

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