Book Club

If you’ve been online for very long, you’ve probably heard of Mira Kirshenbaum’s fabulous book, Parent/Teen Breakthrough. But what I’ve recently discovered is that many many of you have bought the book (super inexpensive at Amazon) but haven’t read it!!

Let’s do something about that!

You’ll thank me later – I promise!

My private group for Parents of Teens is going to start reading this book together. I’ll post ideas and thoughts from the different chapters to help nudge you into finishing that book! 😉

We’d like to open our group up to you – even if you’re only going to stay for the duration of the book club. And!! Joining the book club gives you all the perks that come with the private group:

  • Weekly Group Coaching Call
  • Supportive community of parents
  • Helpful resources, tips, links
  • Group coaching from me!

Our little private community is only $20/month – who knows?
You might like it and stick around!
(You’re more than welcome to join us now, just drop me a note and I’ll clear the path for you asap!)

Book Club !
1/16/17 – 3/17/17
2 chapters/week
(latecomers welcome – it’s all recorded!)

Join us – It’s going to be fun!


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