8 Problems with Using Curriculum

Lots of people really like the idea of allowing children to learn freely. Unschooling philosophy sounds good, but when they haven’t completely deschooled, doubts and insecurities creep in. This list comes from the ideas in another blogpost, but sometimes a quick visual is helpful.

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Unschoolers and Learning to Read

When it comes to learning to read, kids have so many opportunities crossing their paths! Here’s a quick look at some of the ways words creep into your child’s life. Remember, no one learns to read until they are READY. Schools are incorrect to believe that everyone is ready at … Continue reading

Lean Into the Love

Parents with children older than mine would look at me when I expressed concerns and say, “Don’t worry,” or “They’ll figure it out.” Sometimes they’d tack on, “Just have fun with them.” They were so right. And I LOVE that they were!

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