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    I’d love to join the book club

  2. Debbie Cathey says:

    I’m a tutor that homeschools another person’s 7th grader. I normally tutor maths and sciences for grades 6-12 and SAT/ACT prep. Due to not knowing about the requirements for homeschooling in Texas, her mom registered her in the Keystone program and I am not a fan. I could be so much further with her in the education process if I wasn’t bound to this curriculum. There are several computer glitches and we spend far too much time dealing with lost files and resubmitting work. It’s a slow, arduous process. I’ve written curriculums that are much more interesting and hands on. My daughter went to public school, but I basically homeschooled her in the evenings and on weekends since school didn’t offer much beyond socialization. She is doing exceptionally well in college and has an academic scholarship at George Washington U. I’m a science and math nut and love showing students easy ways to comprehend complex material. It’s my “thing”. The Keystone curriculum is sucking the life out of us!
    I want to know if it’s required to register with a program, is there testing at certain intervals, and what the state guidelines are.
    Help! Homeschooling must have more fun options than this!!! And I live walking distance to the San Antonio Children’s DoSeum
    and Witte Science Museums, but we don’t get to go there because of the dang curriculum.
    Thank you!

    • Sue Patterson says:

      Hi Deb! I’m happy to tell you that registering for any curriculum at all – in the state of Texas – is not required whatsoever. Homeschooled families are legally classified as private schools here, which means that the state has no oversight whatsoever. The only specification for homeschoolers is that we must provide something that could be considered math, reading, spelling, grammar, and citizenship. The law was proposed in 1987 (The Leeper Decision) and unanimously upheld in 1994. And since that was before the internet took off, we have a considerable amount of wiggle room. The courts just ask that someone is really taking an interest in the child’s education (“in a bona fide manner/not a sham)

      My kids were all unschooled – they learned in sooo many different ways! Two went to college, one went to cosmetology school, and all three have had no trouble with any higher education they’ve pursued.

      Feel free to email me if you have other questions. I think you’re on the calendar a little later in the month, right?

      I’m sooo glad you asked – DITCH that curriculum ASAP!!! 🙂

  3. Jan Hunt says:

    Hi Sue,

    I just came across your GoFundMe campaign for Pam Sorooshian. I am so sorry to hear about this. Could you please send me an update on her situation?

    Best wishes,


    Jan Hunt, M.Sc., Director
    Natural Child Project

    “Trust what your heart tells you.”

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