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Who Can Benefit from Sue’s Coaching?

Considering Homeschooling

Are you unhappy in the school system but you’re not sure if you can homeschool?
Maybe you’re afraid you can’t do this?
Let’s talk about what’s worrying you and shed a little light on the facts.

Or maybe you’re like me and you love quizzes! Here’s a link to a quiz (that can be used more like a worksheet) that might help you uncover some of your feelings about homeschooling. It may help you with your decision! 
Click here to go straight to the quiz/worksheet. 

New Homeschoolers

Is this your first year homeschooling and you’re suddenly feeling overhelmed? Is it hard to distinguish good advice from not-so-good advice? Are you interested in changing schoolish model of homeschooling to something more relevant and fun?

Click here for a free downloadable PDF giving you the 8 most common mistakes you might be making!


Families with Teens

Whether this is your first year to homeschool or you homeschooled the kids when they were younger, sometimes parents have concerns about how to stay relaxed, yet still prepare their teen for adulthood.

You have concerns. Let’s talk.

Click here to get your FREE chapter of my book, Homeschooled Teens!


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