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Let’s Talk about Working Together


I help families who are overwhelmed and frustrated with the idea of homeschooling their children.
Some are leaving a miserable experience with the local school system, others are already homeschooling but it’s not working out the way they had hoped.

Through our sessions, clients gain the knowledge and confidence they need to create a truly individualized approach that can work for their family, in their own unique way.

Wouldn’t you really love to create
a family life full of adventure, learning and joy?


I would love to help you do that!


How Do I Know I Can Do This?


I’ve spent nearly two decades answering questions about homeschooling/unschooling
from reporters, conference attendees, school counselors, and even the Department of Defense
– not to mention the countless hours on the phone with worried moms.

Together, we figured out how to create a plan that could actually work for their family!

I’ve raised three children – now successful young adults off on paths of their own.

I KNOW about homeschooling – what works and what does NOT work.

Before fear pushes you to make choices you’ll regret later,
let’s talk.

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What Clients Say about Sue…


“A Wealth of Information”
“Helped me remove the pressure”

“So much experience!”         

 “A great listener!”
“Sue is a Confidence Creator!”

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