Pam Laricchia Interview

Pam interviewed me about our family, my ideas about learning and more about my book, Homeschooled Teens!
Pam wrote a little about the interview here at her website.
I’ve included some feedback I received from a grateful listener!
Click the graphic to listen:
Sue-Patterson-EU-Unschooling-Teens” Sue! I L♡VED your interview! Everyone, stop what you’re doing and listen to this podcast! My husband and best friend get to hear me rave on and on about all I’m learning from it.
My favorite parts of this episode are the parts where Sue talks about tracing back the path that led her kids to where they are now and about her 2 children’s college experience (mainly starting/getting into college). Oh, I wish I could say more but I don’t want to spoil it for y’all. Just go listen to it already!!
Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed the episode even though my kids are only 7 and 4. It’s not just about unschooling teens; it’s about unschooling period!”
~Andrea K.

For The Love of Learning

Lainie Liberti hosts a weekly show that plays Voices of the Alternative Education Movement broadcast. I’ve been interviewed twice:

Homeschooling Research


Creating Community Outside of School.


I’ve also hosted two panels of grown homeschoolers/unschoolers.
Click the graphic to be magically transported to the video as well as the bios of each of the panelists. 



Amy Child’s Unschooling Support Podcasts:

The Word Unschooling




Global Change

Michelle Barone’s 2015 Unschooling Summit


Debbie Harbeson Interview

Debbie interviewed me about our family and our choices back in 2011 for a series she was doing at her website.
Included are examples of how my family focused on freedom, flexibility and FUN! 
The Patterson Interview

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