Sue’s Special Guests

Each month, members from my private groups will get a BONUS!

A variety of authors, experienced unschoolers – FABULOUS people – will field questions about how kids learn, how we can parent from a more relationship-oriented approach, and/or unschooling in general.  Members will be able to ask their questions and get feedback from these experts – all in a more intimate setting. We’ll really get to know each other!  

Our first Special Guest is Joyce Fetteroll.

Joyce Fetteroll has been writing about unschooling since 1995, when her son, Danny, was four. Joyce has an engineering degree and worked for a while as a software engineer and technical writer for a communications company. Her husband, Carl, is an adjunct math professor, and is also involved with providing recreational activities for blind children. Danny is now a barista for Starbucks in Chicago and a writer for Sports Blog Nation.

Joyce believes that there are two key elements to successful learning, namely engagement and a rich, supportive environment. For unschooling to work parents need to support that engagement and swirl interesting, fun experiences through children’s lives to give them a taste of the variety the world has to offer.

Joyce writes about unschooling every day,
answering questions on Facebook at Radical Unschooling Info and Unschooling Mom2Mom.

                                              She also has a fabulous blog: Joyfully ReJoycing

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