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The internet is fabulous, but sometimes it’s hard to sift through it all to find someone who can REALLY help you!  
Let these lovely people reassure that you’ve come to the right place!

Read the Feedback:

Sue has a wealth of knowledge on homeschooling and unschooling. In one call she helped me uncover the confidence I needed to make the decision to homeschool my son. A wonderful coach + all that knowledge = excellence.

 ~ Tracy C., Lexington, KY

Sue brings years of unschooling and homeschooling experience to her coaching. She’s is a fantastic listener who is gentle and non-judgmental. I found it invaluable to have someone to speak to whom I could bounce my fears, frustrations and general questions off of. Since she’s actually been in the trenches of all aspects of homeschooling, Sue is an invaluable resource for quieting the inner turmoil that is so common in the minds of parents on this alternative education path. She helped me to clarify in my own mind where I actually was and where we wanted to be as a family, offering practical tools and resources along the way. Working with Sue was a fantastically positive experience.

~Stacy W., California

I was overwhelmed, confused, and had lots and lots of questions! Sue was very knowledgeable and reassuring – I was so relieved to have insight from an experienced unschooler. She has great listening skills and provided such valuable information. She removed a great deal of pressure and stress off my shoulders as well as my daughter’s. Sue helped me see that other possibilities exist out there.

 ~Audrey P., Warsaw, Poland

Even though I have never met Sue, talking on the phone with her was like meeting an old friend. The conversation flowed easily and yet it was also easy for me to guide us toward what I wanted to talk about. Sue has many resources at her fingertips, from being deeply connected in the unschooling community, to many stories of how unschooling looks in different families. To top it all off, her deep commitment to my (and all unschoolers) success shone through the whole conversation. I left feeling reassured that there is a way to make this work fo my family, even if it is hard sometimes, I can do it. Thank you, Sue!

~Hilary H., Sedona, Arizona

Sue has a flexible approach to coaching and is willing to offer a variety of different tools in order to find the one that works best for each situation. I was having some overwhelming fears, and she not only helped me work through them, she also followed up with me and supported me the day I faced them, too. Her caring compassion meant so much to me. I really felt she was rooting for me. That kind of support is priceless! I would highly recommend Sue’s coaching!

 ~ Cathy D., Sacramento, CA

Sue, you have such great wisdom and practical advice. I LOVE your relaxed approached about learning and life. You help take the anxiety out of unschooling/homeschooling. DON’T STRESS…they will learn what they need/want to learn when they need it! Your children’s lives are proof of that! You helped me to see that learning is a natural process and it’s happening all the time. Life is not split into subjects…it’s a natural process that we live in. It’s learning to recognize and seize those life learning moments and enjoy them naturally without overthinking them.
This is only our first year homeschooling and I’m excited and looking forward to seeing my children develop and grow in ways beyond what I can even imagine!I started our session unsure of a some things, but ended it with so much knowledge and advice – I felt informed and empowered! 

 ~ Vanessa, Georgia

Initially I was concerned about this choice but excited to talk to Sue.  But the end of our session, I was confident, reassured, armed with great ideas to try!

~Christina B., California

I was feeling nervous about homeschooling/unschooling and was actually thinking it was a weird thing to do. But Sue is open, non-judgemental and keeps the conversation flowing in such a constructive manner. It was very easy to open up and speak to her about personal matters.

~Julie S., Canada

As my coach, Sue’s calming presence and intuitive questioning kept me engaged in exploring what was possible for me. I came from a corporate work environment and was in such turmoil after being laid off. Sue helped me see the value of my experience, skills and talents as they might relate to another profession. The most wonderful part of working with Sue was her loving guidance in helping me recognize my fears and giving me some coping mechanisms to acknowledge the fear and move forward in spite of it. Her style made me comfortable and challenged at the same time, but her positive attitude kept me motivated. I highly recommend Sue as a coach. Coaching with Sue is the ultimate investment in your self-care.

 ~ Tina M., New Orleans, LA

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