Unschooling Moms’ Retreat

It’s time for us to do this… for ourselves.

For years, I’ve been envisioning hosting women’s groups specifically for unschooling moms. I could see us all sitting around in the living room, talking, laughing – commiserating. Windows are open, soft breeze is flowing through, yummy food to munch on, maybe something sparkly to drink…

But I postponed these little ideas – until now.

No time like the present. We all need to regroup. We need to connect. We need other women in our lives. So I’ve decided to make this happen. Hopefully, you’ll think it’s an awesome idea too!

Here’s the plan!

Galveston Island.

April 2018


Let Your Friends Know!

If all goes well, we can do these a few times a year – I would SOO love that! Maybe try out different beach houses – it’s really hard to decide! Also… if this weekend doesn’t work out for you, maybe another one will!

Get on the list for updates!


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