Your 1st Year!

Are you new to homeschooling/unschooling?

Then you are at the RIGHT place!

Whether you’ve just pulled your child out of school or you’re a couple months into this, I know that you have a jumbled mix of emotions.
Excitement, nervousness, hopefulness, and maybe even just plain ole fear!
That’s ok – you’re not alone! Everyone starts somewhere.

Are you asking yourself…

How can I find the resources he needs?

Will I ever feel confident in this choice?

What have I gotten myself into?

And THOSE are the questions I answer most frequently!

My kids are all grown now, off on their own young adult adventures.  And after nearly two decades in the unschooling/homeschooling community, I am excited to share what I’ve learned!

Sometimes, it just takes a little extra support to get your bearings – and that’s what I intend to do for you!

Grab this FREE PDF:


Choose which option suits your needs.

1:1 Coaching

Whether it’s a quick question or you want to set up something like an Unschooling Personal Trainer – we can make it work!
(30 minute and 1 hour sessions)

(I have a few slots open for those who get the package that allows them to text and say, “Any time available today?” – because you never know when those bumps in the road will show up!)

Group Coaching 

A private membership group with parents who are on this same path with you! If you’re feeling isolated, this option offers monthly workshops and a weekly video conferencing call that lets you feel connected AND gives you access to coaching at a super affordable rate!

Jumping into Unschooling Course

Perfect for the DIY type!
Videos, audios, PDFs, resource – everything thing you need to get started!

Unschooling Guides

My inner magazine editor is coming through on these! Dive deeply into topics that can help you on your Unschooling Journey.

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