T’is the Week Before Christmas

T’is the Week Before Christmas and what can we do?
Perhaps shift the focus – less me and more YOU!

In a week we’ll be gathered all ’round the tree,
With our families and friends, content and carefree.

But what about the week, leading to the big day?
Does it seem that our nerves are beginning to fray?

And if we’re stressing out, what of our neighbors
Whose money is scarce despite all their labors?

So let’s help them out, just a little will do,
A couple nice gestures to help get them through.

Here’s a week of suggestions, you can always add more,
Since Christmas is coming, let kindness outpour!

Dec. 18th – Donate canned goods to the food bank

Dec. 19th – Tape change to the vending machine with a Merry Christmas note 

Dec. 20th – Deliver sandwiches and water bottles to the homeless near your house 

Dec. 21st – Tape a couple of dollars to the gas pump with a note, “Maybe this will help.” 

Dec. 22nd – Take supplies to the animal shelter 

Dec. 23rd – Pay for the person behind you in line’s coffee 

Dec. 24th – Take Christmas cookies to the fire station

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One Response to T’is the Week Before Christmas

  1. Mother of 3 says:

    This is great. Little random acts of kindness that can really mean a lot to someone.

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