Conquer the Naysayers!

Do friends and family give you a hard time about choosing to homeschool/unschool?

Each Month, we’ll have special guests answering questions you have about learning, unschooling, parenting – whatever you’re worried about!  
Rachel Miller will come talk to the group on 11/15/17 about: Introverts, Extroverts, & Ambiverts ~ How personality labels can help (and hinder) Unschooling relationships.

Are they full of all kinds of pointed questions??

Are you dreading the holiday season?

You’re not alone!

This month, in Sue’s private coaching group, we’re tackling this subject!
It’s a module from the Chaos to Confidence program and we’ll be looking it over in here.

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Even if you haven’t been in the coaching group before this month, you’re not new,
or you don’t really want to stay long-term – it’s all good!
You can come and go, month by month.
No minimum monthly requirements. 🙂

Here’s the link to join us
in the Creating Confidence group!

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