DIY Unschooling

I have another website that’s all about unschooling.  For those who aren’t familiar, unschooling is a form of homeschooling that eliminates the unnecessary aspects of school: testing, dividing learning into subjects, pre-determined lesson plans, grades and grading. I know, for many this sounds really wacky! But the more we talk about it, the more you might find valuable for your own family.

Some of my blog posts will help you understand how to homeschool in a way that kids stay engaged and developing at their own pace. But sometimes you have more time and you really want to pour through a bunch of reading! I get that! So I’m giving you the link to my other site, Unschooling Mom2Mom. I’ve taken the 12 most popular questions, and found great answers from moms who truly understand how unschooling works. Most of these writers’ children are already grown up, so they share how they lived and learned.

Here’s a link:
Unschooling Mom2Mom

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