I want to, but…

I know what you’re thinking – I’ve been there. Three kids, four years apart, I’m guessing I would have had the same knee-jerk reaction you’re having! But, now, in looking back, I wish I HAD carved out a little more time for myself. I could have come back refreshed, more enthused, and ready to dive into the unschooling adventures they were contemplating. 

We’ve all heard the oxygen mask metaphor, right? You have to put the O2 on yourself before you can help anyone else. And as moms, we do learn to hold our breaths for a (sometimes unnaturally) long time! But it’s not healthy and you’re not at your best. You need that brain of yours to be fully oxygenated so you can handle what Life is going to throw your way! And I want to be there to help you do this.

So let’s talk about what’s worrying you… 

How can I justify spending this money on myself?

Oh, Mama! I hear you.    Listen to Sue here.

You might be surprised at what this can do for your sanity. Wouldn’t it be great to get clarity on those unschooling ideas that keep you up at night scouring the internet for answers? Those late night searches make you easy prey for the marketing that’s out there! You know the ones – they promise easy compliance from your kids or a curriculum that’s really “exciting and engaging.” But this is pushing you in the opposite direction of where you really want to go. You know unschooling will work with your kids but you’re struggling to make it happen on your own. You just need your own coach who’s been there and is loaded with practical suggestions!

Or think of the money you’ll SAVE when you aren’t succumbing to those impulsive curriculum purchases that promise to bring you peace of mind – but instead cause power struggles, frustration, and end up gathering dust on the shelves.

3 days of coaching, connection and relaxation with other unschooling moms
in a beautiful beach house – away from all the distractions and responsibilities!

For only $181 per day! 

What if my home implodes if I leave for 2 nights? 

Truth is… it probably won’t. I’m sure you have an adult who can hold things together for around 48 hours (1/2 day on Friday through 1/2 day on Sunday). You may need to set up a few things – stock up the groceries, queue up the Netflix, but they may all you’ll be surprise you! And it gives them a chance for a little bonding time with someone besides mom. Who knows, this might go so smoothly that getting away for little bit can become… a habit! :::gasp!!:::
Sue shares a little about this.

I don’t have time to get away for anything!

THIS ↑ , sounds like a mom barely holding on. You may need this weekend more than any of us! Close your eyes, take in three really deep breaths. Try to stop all the spinning that’s going on in your head. Yes, you may have a lot going on in your life – but it’s not spinning nearly as wildly as it is in your own head! Let’s get a grip on what’s stressing you out and problem-solve a few things. Starting with this weekend that might be EXACTLY what you need. Imagine some calmness and clarity – all with the beach breezes blowing through the window. We can help you reframe what’s going on so you can face all of it when you get back. But the huge difference will be that you’ll have tools you didn’t have before – this weekend could be truly transformative for you!

But I won’t know anyone else there!

Oh my goodness! You’ll know me! And I think  we’ll all be best friends before you know it!
And… here’s a little about what I want to say about that!

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2 Payments of

Consider the value of having someone on your team. Sue can help you get to a place where you can truly experience all the benefits of the unschooling lifestyle. Most importantly, she can help you through the transition to living more authentically with your family. 
~Stevie P., Virginia Beach, USA





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