FAQ for Unschooling Moms’ Retreat

Lots of little details have been worked out for you!


How do we get to this fantastic beach house?


From Hobby Field airport in Houston, Texas, take the airport shuttle to the Galveston Island Ferry. Then take an Uber from the ferry to the beach house.
As we get closer, we may be able to arrange shared transportation – or at least get you in touch with other retreaters.


How much coaching will I actually get?

Sue will be available the entire weekend! And if you’ve ever spent time with her at a conference, you’ll know that she doesn’t hide out away from everyone. Lots of casual conversations will happen throughout the event and coaching is designed within the programs that have been created for this weekend.


Any 1:1 Coaching?

Actually, yes! You’ll have access to a sign-up sheet for a 30 minute 1:1 coaching session with Sue. I’m sure we’ll want to meet on one of those balconies for our chat!


Let’s talk food! Will special dietary needs be accommodated?

That depends. We will have a variety of foods available at the beach house. Primarily fruit, veggies, hummus, muffins, granola bars.
All meals are covered
Snacks provided (but you’re welcome to bring your own favorites.)

Please feel free to bring additional food and/or anything special you’d like to have. You’ll have access to the refrigerator, a microwave and an oven. We won’t have help for meal preparations, so what we prepare there for breakfast and lunch will be pretty simple.

Friday and Saturday night dinners will be catered from local restaurants.


The Program

Everything will be provided for you! Even a new journal so you can take notes. 
If you have magazines that you enjoy and would like to use yourself or contribute to the group, it’s fine to bring them with you.

4 Workshops
Beach Walks
Group coaching
1:1 Coaching with Sue (30 minutes)
Goodies in a gift bag to make your retreat special!

A handy packing list will be emailed on April 1st.


Everyone has access to the beautiful beach house, with decks and easy beach access.
The photos are available on the main page.
Our beach house is about 20 miles down the island from the city of Galveston. A few restaurants are located nearby (but food will be provided at the beach house)

8 beds are available: 
Bedroom 1: 1 Twin Bed (great if you know that you snore!)
Bedroom 2: 1 King Sized bed and two Twins.
This room as access to the balcony facing the beach.
Bedroom 3: 2 sets of twin bunk beds. Upper/lower will be first-come first-served.
Bunk bed discount: Take $100 off your price!

Email me if you’d like one of the bunk beds at the discounted rate. ($449 Weekend Total!)
Please make the $275 payment to secure your spot, and you’ll be given an alternate second payment link for $174.


What’s the cost breakdown?









Refund Policy

Sue will refund your money if you request it within the first 24 hours. Otherwise, just like concert tickets, it’s a done deal. We have to make a lot of arrangements based on the number of people participating, so your commitment is important. Thanks for understanding.

So… what are you waiting for? Those beds are gong to fill up quickly!

Sign Up Now!


2 Payments of $275

Did this location change? I seem to remember a green beach house.

Yes, it did. One month out from our event date, the original beach house was sold and our reservation was canceled! The new owners did not want to rent out the property!  Since plans had been made, flights had been purchased, I scrambled around with my brilliant travel agent (and unschooling mom) Rebecca Taberski and found a fabulous replacement. Also ON the beach with decks overlooking the gulf. And a beautiful spacious great room for all of our workshops! Nothing’s going to stop us – we’re DOING THIS!  Are you joining us??



Sue is passionate about sharing tools and advice with other unschooling families.
She has a unique ability to pass her confidence on to others, so that they too can enjoy success. 

~Joanna J., New Jersey, USA





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