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Join us as we shift our attitudes in November! 




Unschooling coachingLots of people need a little extra support when the holidays approach. If your family is less than thrilled with your educational choices, it helps to have a month of inspiration, reassurance, and community!

Join us for November! Find out more here!

No long-time commitments. You can do month by month…depending on the topics that interest you.

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#Unschooling Gratitude Challenge

Share a picture every day of what YOU are grateful for!

If you’ve been online for very long, you’ve probably heard of Mira Kirshenbaum’s fabulous book, Parent/Teen Breakthrough. But what I’ve recently discovered is that many many of you have bought the book (super inexpensive at Amazon) but haven’t read it!! Let’s do something about that! 
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Do you wish you had someone to talk to 1:1 – just some quick phone calls on an as-needed basis?? Maybe you’re not sure how much help you need or how long you’ll need it.

Let’s do a month-by-month plan! What’s cool about this plan is that you can text me, and I can squeeze you into my schedule within 48 hours! A coach on stand-by!!!  (I would have LOVED that!!)

Here’s the link to more about mentoring options.
Here’s the link to set up our first call!!!




Unschooling is Not UnParenting. If you hear this from other non-unschoolers, you’ll want to read this!





Building An Unschooling Nest







Click here to find out more about these two awesome PRIVATE coaching groups I’m going offering!!

Starts November 1, 2016!




Stress-Free Start

Need some 1:1 help RIGHT NOW?
NEW package for New Homeschoolers/Unschoolers!

Get a Stress-Free Start!





African American Unschoolers
An awesome collection of links for African American unschoolers looking for resources! Videos, articles, blogs, interviews!



Unschooling & Preschoolers

I’ve just added a huge collection of articles/links at Unschooling Mom2Mom for parents of preschoolers interested in unschooling.


6-shocking-Facts6 SHOCKING Facts about Homeschooling Your Teen

If you know these facts, I guarantee your lives can be easier – your teen’s and YOURS!   To this newsletter





Deschooling – start to undo some of those arbitrary (and unnecessary) ideas about learning that have no place in the real world.




Homeschooing-Moms-10-Lessons-to-Unlearn10 Lessons for Homeschooling Moms to UnLearnIt’s all about the “learning”, right? We hear that all the time. And it’s true! But it’s also about the UNlearning! And homeschooling moms seem to have the biggest challenges in this regard.

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Suburban Mom
This week’s topic for the newsletter… parents whose kids are still in school and wondering if they could homeschool.

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Homeschool Success!


Read the blogpost: 5 Tips for Homeschool Success.







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Your Biggest Unschooling Challenge!

What is it?
Here’s the blogpost if you want to know what *I* think it is.




Click here to see the show notes, bios about the panel, and a link to the YouTube recording.


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