Private Coaching Groups Available :)

Each Month, we’ll have special guests answering questions you have about learning, unschooling, parenting – whatever you’re worried about!   On 11/15/17 Rachel Miller will come talk to the group about: Introverts, Extroverts, & Ambiverts ~ How personality labels can help (and hinder) Unschooling relationships.

Are you a new homeschooling mom who needs more support?

Or maybe you’ve been unschooling, but you’re not feeling that “into it.”

Are the big Facebook groups too overwhelming?

Do you feel isolated in your community?

Would you just like someone to help you figure this all out?

…..Even better if it’s someone who’s DONE THIS BEFORE!

What if I told you
you’d get access to a group of other parents,
traveling on your same path, creating a community of support and encouragement?

Just what you’ve been looking for, right??


The internet has fabulous options but sometimes it can simply be TOO big. And many families find themselves somewhat isolated in their own local communities. Having an online support group is the next best thing to local folks! And while you may be working to create a local community for yourself and your children, you can get the support YOU need right away.

Here’s how I’m going to do it.  I’m creating two specifically-focused private membership groups.


Creating Confidence

Whether you’re new or simply need a refresher, Creating Confidence will give you the support you need. Parents who are still trying to get their footing with an unschooling approach to learning, will be able to ask questions and get coaching in this more intimate group.  I will help guide you, providing the reassurance and information needed so you can create a strong foundation for your family.

Each Month, Members Receive:

  • Weekly Group Coaching Phone Calls with Sue Patterson
  • Access to a private community with other new homeschooling parents on Facebook
  • Webinars to help you
  • Q & A videos from Sue
  • Blogposts, articles, resources for new homeschoolers/unschoolers

ONLY $20/month
Recurring payments

Parents of Teens

Lots of parents feel the urge to get their kids to “buckle down” when it comes to the teen years. Fear grips us and our days of playful learning are tossed aside. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some support for these years from someone who’s been there?
I share PRACTICAL ways to help parents of teenagers who are struggling with all the new issues that adolescence brings.  We will use the group to share ideas and look for ways that can help our kids move into young adulthood – without having to turn into some kind of parent we don’t want to be!

Each Month, Members receive:

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Sue Patterson
  • Access to a private Facebook community with other parents of teens
  • Webinars for parents of teens
  • Q & A video from Sue
  • Blogposts, articles, resources specific to issues of parents of teenagers


Please excuse the weird spacing… but the paypal buttons have been giving me grief!
Email me if you’d like me to send you the link to sign up via email.



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