Mentoring with Sue

I hear new homeschooling moms on all the social media wishing they had a mentor. They want someone with experience to help them avoid some of the mistakes and inspire them to see how great this non-tradition choice is!

That’s where I can help.

I’ve been mentoring people for decades – my own kids are in their 20s now. All successful happy young adults on 3 very different paths. We started as public school people, tried a little curriculum, and then found ourselves shedding the unnecessary aspects of a schoolish way of thinking and becoming unschoolers. No matter where you are on the journey – or where you visualize yourself being – I’ve probably spent a little time where you are! My goal is to help you see that learning really is happening all around you and that your relationship with your children matters the most. (No one has much influence if their relationship is lacking, right?)

So let’s work together! I can help you remove the obstacles that you’re noticing and help you see how to provide the kind of educational environment that works for your family.

Here are the descriptions of the 3 different Mentoring packages I offer:

Month-by-Month Mentoring

You know you’d like to have a 1:1 mentor, but you aren’t really sure how much help you need or how long you’ll need it. Plus, an hour is a pretty long session – what if you just have a question that week and don’t really *need* the full hour.

Let’s do a month-by-month plan!

4 sessions (30-minutes each)

When you contact me, I’ll probably be able to squeeze you in within 48 hours! Cool, right? That’s REALLY a coach on Stand-by!!

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Mentoring Mini-Sessions

Sometimes you need quick (and frequent) support! You’re looking for a mentor you can develop a relationship with. (I know how hard it is to find like-minded parents out there in some of the communities!)
You’d like a little price break because you know you’re going to want to check in and sort things out often.  Plus, you like the idea of paying once, and being done with it for a while.

With this plan, we start with a 1 – 1.5 hour session and then follow-up with 30 minute sessions AS NEEDED.
By purchasing this package, you can text/email me to see what I have available in the next 48ish hours. We’ll then set up a 30 minute appointment and deal with the issue that’s presenting itself.

This truly is like having a coach on Stand-By! I like the visual of you saying, “Hey Sue, can you drop by for a cuppa coffee today or tomorrow? I have something I’d like to chat with you about.” And then it happens! Virtually. 😉

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Mentoring Premier Package

This Mentoring package is like having a coach/consultant in your back pocket all the time! Because this is such an individualized option, I can only take on a limited number of this kind of coaching/mentoring clients. (Some months there may be a waiting list for new clients)

We won’t preset a frequency for our sessions but usually, people choose to do weekly at first, and then move to bi-monthly, then monthly for the last few sessions. It’s sometimes hard to anticipate the obstacles that might pop up throughout the year, and this ensures you’ll have a full one-hour coaching time slot when you need it.

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