Unschooling Moms’ Retreat

It’s time for us to do this… for ourselves.

Galveston Island April 20-22, 2018


For years, I’ve been envisioning hosting a women’s retreat –  specifically for unschooling moms. I could see us all sitting around in the living room, talking, laughing – commiserating and inspiring each other. Windows open, soft breeze is flowing through, yummy food to munch on, maybe something sparkly to drink…

But I postponed these little ideas – until now. Thanks to Travel-Agent-Extraordinaire Rebecca Taberski of Salty Lime Travel – who also happens to be an unschooling mom herself – we have the PERFECT place to stay! On our own private beach. Balconies overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. I can’t wait!

We all need to regroup and recharge our batteries. We need to connect. And we need other women in our lives who are walking this somewhat unconventional path too.

I know you’re going to think this is an awesome idea too!

Here’s What’s Included:

Coaching with Sue all weekend long! This intimate group will be able to ask questions, hear answers, and get solutions to the stumbling blocks that are giving you grief. Imagine leaving this weekend full of confidence that you really can do this!
• Friday and Saturday Evening Q & A Chats
• Private 1:1 coaching session with Sue for each participant (½ hour)


• Unschooling Vision Boards – This is an awesome program for helping unschooling moms identify what what they’d like their lives to look like. Very empowering!

• Journaling – If you’ve spent any time with Sue at all, you’ll know she’s all about journaling! Let her walk you through how to get the most out of journaling and how it can help you. Journals will be provided – although if you have a favorite from home, please feel free to bring it.

• Overcoming Fears – Sometimes when we calm down a little (translation: aren’t having to take care of other people for 24/7) we can hear what those little voices in our heads are telling us. You know the ones… they lead us to self-doubt and sometimes downright panic! Let’s shine a little light on these and overcome them once and for all.

• Celebrating Unschooling – On Sunday morning, Sue will share ideas as we talk about ways to celebrate this unique position we’re in!


The Beach
• Only a few feet to our own private beach, just outside of Galveston, Texas
• Early morning shell hunting
• Quiet contemplative walks whenever the ocean calls you
• Multiple balconies for you to sit and journal or daydream to your heart’s content!


• Friday Italian Dinner
• Saturday and Sunday Mornings – Continental Breakfasts
• Saturday Lunch – Sub Sandwiches
• Saturday Evening – Take out/Delivery – possibly eat out together
• Light snacks throughout the day
• Feel free to bring anything you’d like (Microwave and fridge are available for use)


Gift Bag
• Hmmm… I wonder what goodies will be awaiting you???

Now that sounds like a transformational weekend, right??

Close your eyes… can you hear the surf? 

Take a deep breath…one weekend can restore you
and reset you to the relaxed confident mom you want to be!


I know people always say “space is limited” to get you to hurry and buy things – but our space really is limited! There are only 8 beds at our lovely beach house in Galveston! (Discounted pricing for the bunk bed room  )

But I want this to be intimate. Not a big overwhelming experience. It’s not a big hotel conference.

It’s a quiet coaching weekend in a beautiful setting for moms who are taking some time to recharge, get connected, and be inspired.  It’s an unschooling mom retreat, and those don’t come around very often!

So… does one of these beds have your name on it?

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Sue is loving, joyful and non-judgmental. I felt unconditionally accepted and heard. Sometimes I can’t see the ‘forest for the trees’ as i am just starting out. Sue helped me form connections that would have taken me longer on my own, especially as a single parent with a very limited face to face support circle.
~Tamara T., Ontario, Canada



Galveston, Texas

April 20-22, 2018

Friday – Sunday


Life constantly throws curveballs and a great coach can guide you to know for yourself which ball is worth catching & which is worth getting out of the way.

Sue is that coach – she believes in you.
~Becky L., Illinois 


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