Special Coaching Combo!

Do you want unschooling to work, but you keep getting tripped up by your own worries and fears?
Maybe if you had someone to walk you through this, you could overcome these obstacles that keep popping up?


I’ve created something JUST for you!

For a limited time, I’m offering the perfect combination to help you with some of the most common problems unschoolers have.


Unschooling Jumpstart!


1:1 Coaching Session with me
1 Month in the Private Membership group



You’ll Receive…



Our Coaching Call

I’ll send you a Questionnaire to complete prior to our call. This will give me a lot of information (so we don’t have to waste any of your hour on filling me in!). I’ll ask about your journey up to this point as well as your child’s. Together we’ll identify your stressors and create a strategy to overcome the obstacles holding you back. And then we’ll get clear on what you really want to have happen in your home and your lives.

Then we’ll “meet” for our scheduled call on Zoom (for video or audio). You’ll be able to keep the recording, so you’re not scrambling to write notes throughout the call. This call will truly change how you feel about unschooling as well as your ability to dive in!

Private Coaching Group Membership

Most clients don’t need another hour session after that first one – we pack in so much! But they don’t really want to be cast adrift either! So I’m offering a free month of membership in my private coaching group. We do recorded weekly calls together through Zoom, supporting each other, sharing resources. This is especially helpful for those who don’t have a lot of unschoolers in their real world – you can step into a support system with moms on this same path. And we all stay connected in a private Facebook group.  After the first free month, you can opt to continue with the group.

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