Stress-Free Start

The steps you need
to get started homeschooling successfully!

Parents choose to homeschool for all sortsof reasons – and you’ve decided it’s the best option for your own kids. You know you’d like to create something in your home where the kids enjoy learning and all of you feel excited to start the day.


You feel worry creeping in. It might even be outright panic. The internet is full of all kinds of fabulous help, but it’s come to the point that it’s all just so overwhelming.

You’re asking yourself:


  • Where do I start?

  • How do I sift through everything I’ve read online?

  • What about gaps in their learning?

  • What if I mess them up?

  • Can I REALLY do this?


Do any of these sound familiar?


You’re afraid of doing it all wrong. While you may have started out exploring homeschooling with confidence, you’re second-guessing everything now! You realize how IMPORTANT this decision is and now you’re starting to have some serious doubts.

You don’t want your decisions now to close doors on their future.
You’re concerned that this decision might make getting into college harder. Or you’re thinking about the possibility that you might not be preparing them well enough for something they want to pursue later down the road.

Your current homeschooling approach has not worked out at all!   
Everyone is fighting. You’ve turned into a warden trying to get them motivated to do a tiny bit of work.  Or you’re trying to unschool, but you’re scared you’re not doing enough with them. You find yourself wondering how you got so far off course.

You’re feeling so stressed about all of it!  
You’re ready to try something totally new to make this work – but you’re too stressed to figure out what to do next! You know school won’t work, but you’re worried about how you can do any better? And it doesn’t help that your parent-child relationship is strained because their prior school experience. You just want to help them be happy and have everything they want in their future – but how?

Whew! I get it! I’ve been through the same thing – removing kids from school, thinking the first steps would all be so much clearer, starting on one homeschooling path only to discover it wasn’t  working and needed to change. Like you, I kept thinking, “But to what?” I found the solutions that work and have helped people find what’s right for their families for nearly 20 years.

I am a homeschooling coach and an unschooling mentor who works with parents who are frustrated with their current educational approach. I provide the information they are looking for and help them create a homeschooling plan that will actually work.

Imagine if…


  • You could switch gears and seamlessly create your own plan for home education

  • Your entire family calms down with less fighting and more cooperation

  • Your kids are engaged and learning

  • Your relationships with your kids are repaired and trusting each other again

  • You had a mentor to ask questions and get solid realistic answers

Let’s work together to figure out what’s the right solution for YOUR family!

Get Results!


In my Stress-Free Start Program, you will…

  • Get the information you’re looking for about how to legally homeschool in your state

  • Talk with an experienced homeschooling mom happy to walk you through this

  • Have a strategy for what to do next – and what will work for your family

  • Feel more confident about making choices and seeing the path ahead of you.

  • Discover that learning doesn’t have to be tedious or awful – it can be More of a fun family adventure!

So how does this all work?


You get SO MUCH in this Stress-Free Start Package!!! Check it out:

  • Your Unique Family Questionnaire

We’ll start with an in depth questionnaire that will help me understand you and your family better. I’ll send it to you before our strategy session. This way, we can spend our time together helping find the solutions are perfect for you and your children.

  • Stress-Less Strategy Session (60 minutes)

We will meet via phone or Skype call for a 90 minute session. We will talk about your fears, your ideas, your strengths and your obstacles. I’ll show you the ins and outs of how to make homeschooling/unschooling a success. By the end of the session, you will have a clear plan for your next steps. You’ll have the confidence and the reassurance that comes from knowing that you CAN homeschool your child and it will be AWESOME!

  •  Starting Off on the Right Foot Workbook

I’ve created a special workbook that is EXACTLY what you need! I’ve taken the handouts I’ve created for homeschooling workshops and coaching clients, and compiled them into one complete workbook spelling out just what you need to create that successful foundation. This workbook will shed so much light on what you need to do next, how you want to approach your child’s education, how you want to create the family interactions you’re wishing for.

  • Booster Call

After our strategy session, we’ll set up ANOTHER 30 minute session 2 weeks later. You’ll be able to ask any new questions that might have surfaced, and together, we’ll fine tune and troubleshoot any issues so you’ll be able to move forward with confidence.

  • Ongoing Support

To make sure you’re completely supported as you start on this new path, you’ll receive a monthly update from me with resources and links bound to help.

Additionally, I’m creating a Membership-Only Area for those who have completed either the Stress-Free Start or Chaos to Confidence. You’ll receive information about this after our session.


I KNOW how scary and stressful this can be – but we can walk through this together so you can know exactly how to get started on the right path to homeschooling success. There’s no reason for you to spend even one more day struggling!

Only $129


Let’s Work Together!


Here Are Your Next Steps:


Step 1. Take this link to schedule a Stress-Free Start, choose your date for our Strategy Session, and the calendar will take you to the Paypal option.  

Step 2.  Once you’ve made your payment, check your email box. You’ll receive an email from me confirming your session and giving you the link to Your Unique Family Questionnaire.  

Step 3. Then we’ll hold your session and get you started on the path to STRESS-FREE Success!

Have questions? Email me.


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