Sue’s Special Guests

Each Quarter, members from my private groups will get a BONUS!

A variety of authors, experienced unschoolers – FABULOUS people – will field questions about how kids learn, how we can parent from a more relationship-oriented approach, and/or unschooling in general.  Members will be able to ask their questions and get feedback from these experts – all in a more intimate setting. We’ll really get to know each other!  


Past Guest Speakers

I’m so happy I was able to introduce the private group to some of my friends! 🙂


Special Guest: Rachel Miller

Rachel speaks about introverts and extroverts and is going to come share what she knows, answer questions and diving in with us!




Special Guest: Pam Sorooshian

Pam is the mom of three grown-up unschooled kids: Roya (30), Roxana (27), and Rose (24). She is also an economics and statistics professor and ran the college theater box office for years. Her family lives in Southern California and she is on the Board of Directors of the HomeSchool Association of California.

Pam, and her husband, Cyrus, pulled Roya out of 4th grade, Roxana out of 1st grade, and never sent Rose to school at all. That was 20 years ago, and they spent about a month thinking “unit studies” were a good idea before jumping fully into unschooling. Pam has been a frequent participant in online unschooling discussions and has spoken at unschooling conferences all over the country. She is the owner of the Unschooling California Facebook group and helps moderate Unschooling Mom2Mom.

To Pam, unschooling means creating a peaceful, safe, and loving home life with many opportunities for exploration, invention, investigation, and conversation. It means very involved parents who pay close attention to supporting their children’s interests. It means joy and closeness and a very special, very sweet, parent/child relationship.



Special Guest: Joyce Fetteroll

Joyce – a longtime unschooling advocate – will be helping those in the private group figure out what they could do to help make their homes happier.  Joyce believes that there are two key elements to successful learning, namely engagement and a rich, supportive environment. For unschooling to work, parents need to support that engagement and swirl interesting, fun experiences through children’s lives to give them a taste of the variety the world has to offer.
Joyce has a fabulous website, Joyfully Rejoycing where she houses decades of answers to questions about unschooling and parenting.



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