Tex’Uns Party!


Hey Ya’ll! 

I’m hosting the Mentoring Party that will be happening throughout the Tex’Uns Conference in April! 
If you’d like to read more about the Grand Plan 😉 , you can!

It’s in the February issue of the TexUns newsletter but also

Here at my blog.

If you’re curious, we’ll be doing the same thing (but possibly slightly modified at the HSC conference this summer! More on that later!)

For now, what I need is for anyone planning to attend the TexUns 2016 conference and would like to participate, please choose the button that fits you!
The more the merrier! Whether you’re new and nervous or love to play host – we want you!!! 

Participating will help all of us get even more out of what’s already a spectacular experience!

We’re going to have so much fun – don’t miss the PARTY! 🙂
I’ll be there to help you along! 🙂 

Pick one!

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