Unschooling Moms’ Retreat

It’s time for us to do this… for ourselves.

Galveston Island April 20-22, 2018

For years, I’ve been envisioning hosting a women’s retreat –  specifically for unschooling moms. I could see us all sitting around in the living room, talking, laughing – commiserating and inspiring each other. Windows open, soft breeze is flowing through, yummy food to munch on, maybe something sparkly to drink…

But I postponed these little ideas – until now. Thanks to Travel-Agent-Extraordinaire Rebecca Taberski of Salty Lime Travel – who also happens to be an unschooling mom herself – we have the PERFECT place to stay! On our own private beach. Balconies off every room. I can’t wait!

We all need to regroup and recharge our batteries. We need to connect. And we need other women in our lives who are walking this somewhat unconventional path too.

Hopefully, you’ll think this is an awesome idea too!

Here’s what I have planned:

• Coaching with me all weekend long!
• Beach Walks
• Vision Board Creation
• Journaling Workshop
• Overcoming Fears Workshop

• Guided Meditation
• Brainstorming Q & A
• Little Gifts from me!

I know people always say “space is limited” to get you to hurry and buy things – but our space really is limited! I’m working out the details this weekend, but only 6 – 12 people can join me in Galveston. (12 if you bring a friend and/or don’t mind sharing a king-sized bed)

Get on the list for details!

Here’s a peek at what it looks like:

And here’s our plan:

Galveston Island.

April 20-22, 2018


Let Your Friends Know!

Ask for it as a Mother’s Day gift!


Get on the list for details!


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