What is Coaching All About?

Glad you asked!

If you’re like me, I wasn’t really sure what a life coach does or how any kind of coach can help.

Here’s a way to describe it

When you go to friends with problems, they listen, they offer suggestions, and then you listen to their problems.
It’s a two-way street – and it’s supposed to be. It’s a dialogue. The focus can’t be only on you. And that’s where having a coach can make a difference.

It’s not a two-way street with us. I’m listening to you and helping you to uncover what you want to do next. I won’t tell you what to do, but instead, help you figure out what YOU really want. I will walk beside you, creating a plan WITH you – asking questions, using coaching tools, principles and methods to help you move toward exactly what you want.

We all come up against obstacles in our lives. The problem is, we’re so familiar with our own issues, we can’t see the solutions! But those solutions are in there – just waiting for you to discover them. It’s my job to see through what’s holding you back and help you find the clarity you need to get unstuck.

Life coaches can help you:

  • Challenge yourself 
  • Break through resistance and thoughts that are holding you back
  • Identify and make the most of your strengths 
  • Turn life’s changes and difficulties into opportunities 
  • Reframe your perceptions 
  • Raise your awareness of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors 
  • Help you develop an action plan to turn your goals and dreams into REALITY!

Life coaches are often compared to personal trainers. I will challenge you to push as well as remind you to be compassionate to yourself. My job is to look for the obstacles that might be preventing you from getting even more out of life!

If you are motivated to see some changes in your life, l want to help you move forward from where you are RIGHT NOW to where you want to be.

How Does Coaching Work?

Some Practical Info

When you decide to work with me, you can
set up an appointment quickly through this scheduling tool.

Choose the type of session that interests you, click your time zone, and you’ll be able to see what’s available on the calendar. Once your payment goes through Paypal, we’re good to go!

I will send you a Getting to Know You form, so I can get some details from you ahead of time. This will save you time and money, so we won’t have to go over basic info in our session.

Then I will call you at our appointed time.
That sounds do-able, right?

No More Procrastinating!

Let’s Get Started!

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  1. Lindsy E says:

    This is literally exactly what I’ve been looking for!! I have been following several “general” life coaches for a while and love it, but i was like, “I need this for unschooling.” How much ar your services?

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